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Woodstock and Salt River Hebrew Congregation Collection Cape Town With digital objects
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Woodstock, "3 Photographs of Woodstockers"

3 Photographs of Woodstockers outside the Levins' home 3 Salisbury Street, Woodstock. Top Left: Back: Sadie Levin; Middle: L-R: Felicia Wedcliffe (nee Levin), Felicia Chait (nee Gelbart); Bottom: Jeff Levin; Top Right: L-R: Jeff Levin, Issy Rosenthal, Herschel Gelbart; Bottom: L-R: Jeff Levin, Denise Golshevsky. Photographs provided by Herschel Gelbart.

Photographer unknown

Woodstock, "Betar"

Photograph of Betar Youth movement members outside the Gelbart family home. Backround: "Feli"/Felicia Chait (nee Gelbart); Back Row: Simon Golshevsky; Middle Row: Elyah Golshevsky, Leon Munitz, Sidney Gelbart, Aubrey Zalk, Hymie Munitz; Front Row: Harold "Bubbik" Idesis, Mikey Gelbart. Photograph provided by Herschel Gelbart.

Photographer unknown

Woodstock, "Cape Jewish Minister's Association"

Document of the Cape Jewish Minister's Association title holders and letterhead. Partially in Hebrew. On the top right, in Hebrew, "Agudat Ha-Shachar B'Ir Ha-Kaip V'Ha-Galil", literally meaning 'Association of the dawn for Cape Town and surrounds'. Shachar might be an acronym for 'Association of Shochtim (ritual slaughterers), Chazanim (Cantors) and Rabbis/Reverends'. Under the Star of David is a quote from the Rosh Hashana Machzor, "And they will all form a single band". Below that is a slogan displaying some Hebrew wordplay as 'united/band/association' is similar to 'fairytale/legend/story', "If you are united, it is no longer a fairytale". Provided by David Grawitzky.

Author unknown

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