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Springbok With digital objects
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Namaqualand, "Boiskin, 4"

Photograph of a group celebrating Rosh Hashanah in Springbok, 1930. Recognizable people in the back row are (from left to right): Morris Milner, Naomi Diamond, Mr Weisman and, Mr Reich (far right with cigarette). In the front row (from left to right): Miss Diamond, Alec Pasvolsky, Ida Jowel, Sidney Windisch (centre), Miss Diamond, and Mr Simon (far right).

Photographer unknown

Namaqualand, "Caplan, 1"

Photograph of a group of schoolgirls crossing the street in a "crocodile" style single-file line on their way from school to the "Meisies Koshuis" (hostel). *discrepancy in photo description given in Kokerboom Country

Photographer unknown

Namaqualand, "Dembitzer, 3"

Photograph of one of Joseph Dembitzer's early stores. This one, situated in Springbok, is attached to a small house. The tagline displayed on the roof of the store reads: "J. Dembitzer. General dealer and merchant."

Photographer unknown

Namaqualand, "Frank, 2"

Photograph of the Frank family home in Springbok. Pictured here are Jacob Frank (left) Dorothy Frank (baby in centre), and Jacob's wife, Pauline Frank (nee Barnett) on the right. The central female figure is unknown. Baby Dorothy would one day go on to be the mother of Sheila Samson.

Photographer unknown

Namaqualand, "Kitto, 5"

Photgraph of Sybil Sovinsky and Bessie Jowell outside of the Masonic Hotel in Springbok (owned and run by Max "Shappy" Shapiro) where the De Villiers' farewell party (organised by Sybil herself) was being held.

Photographer unknown

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