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Namaqualand, "Josman, 4"

Photograph of a group of men, many of whom were local shopkeepers. This group possibly constituted a Dorpbestuur (town council) in O'okiep. Three memebers of the Jewish community identifiable here are Louis Josman (standing at the end of the row on the far right), Ephrahim Bernstein (seated at the far right end of the middle row), and Israel Gordon (seated in the middle row to the left of Ephrahim).

Photographer unknown

Namaqualand, "Jowell , 27"

Document showing the official record of ownership of a Port Nolloth property. This property was originally bought in 1855 by Aaron and Ester de Pass, the first Jews to come to Namaqualand; it was then owned by the Cape Copper Mining Company for several years until it was purchased in 1949 by it's last owners, Joseph and Rebecca Jowell, who just so happened to be the last two Jews to be buried in Namaqualand. The record of ownership of this property encapsulates both the begnning and end of the Jewish presence in Namaqualand.

Photographer unknown

Namaqualand, "Jowell , 20"

Photograph of the wedding of Isaac and Sheina Jowell (same image as the one in the Honikman folder - Honikman_155). Identifiable here are Herman and Dora Jowell (back left). In the front, the flower girl on the left is Gertie Bloch, daughter of Mannes Bloch and his wife (both of whom are also somewhere in this image).

Photographer unknown

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