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Blieden Family, "Register of Zundel Blieden"

Handwritten documentation of the registration of Zundel Blieden's family in Staro-Shagaren, Lithuania (Žagarė, Lithuania), 1848. Zundel Blieden (1814-c1882) was a grain merchant. He married Nese Saganowsky (1814 – c1887) and they had nine children, 5 sons and 4 daughters. Their children were Benjamin Blieden (1834 – 1890), Jacob (Yankel) Blieden (1835-1912), Abraham Blieden (1843 – 1939), Feige Latzky (nee Blieden) (1843 -1919), Sheine (Jennie) Tort (nee Blieden) (1844-1930), Yehuda (Julius) Blieden (1851- 1904), Marcus (Mordechai) Blieden (1852-1913), Freida Wolfson (nee Blieden) (1855-1923) and Jacha Blieden. This document lists Zundel, his wife Nese, sons Benjamin, Yankel, Abraham and daughters Feige and Sheine. It also lists Zundel's brothers Ber, Grisha and Leiba and his sister-in- law Leah, wife of Leiba.

Rapeport Family, "Portrait of Louis Rapeport"

Portrait of Louis Rapeport (1859-1926) taken in Oudtshoorn, Cape Colony. He came to South Africa in 1890 from Horodok, Russia (Gorodok Belarus). He initially lived in Oudtshoorn and was a hawker. He married the widow Jetta Fleischer (nee Sebasewitz) and they moved to Calitzdorp. Following the death of Jetta, he married the widow Louisa Ettin (nee Kantor) in Johannesburg and they subsequently lived in Calitzdorp. He and his second wife, Louisa had three sons: William Rapeport, Martin Rapeport and Lazarus Rapeport. He is buried in Pretoria and his tombstone is engraved with the name of Max Louis Rapeport.

Photographer unknown

Rapeport Family, "Letter by W.B. Brugge 1"

A handwritten letter by Mr W. B. Brugge regarding declarations of allegiance taken by Messrs L Rapeport, A Rapeport, and Mozes Landau. This was a requirement which formed part of their application for naturalization. L Rapeport and Mozes Landau were brothers-in-law. Lazarus Rapeport was married to Rosa Kabaker (1870-1950)and Mozes Landau to Rebecca Leah Kabaker (1861-1941), daughters of Aaron and Minnie Kabaker (nee Ruthstein). Source: National Archives of South Africa Depot KAB Source CO reference 4263:B64 1888. Memorial received from WB Brugge enclosing declarations of L Rapeport, A Rapeport & M Landau, Calitzdorp.

Rapeport Family, "Letter by W.B. Brugge 2"

A handwritten letter by Mr W. B. Brugge addressed to the Colonial Secretary, Colonial Office, Cape Town, in regard to the letters of naturalization for Messrs L and A Rapeport, and M Landau. It confirmed compliance with advertisements that appeared in the Government Gazette. It was hoped that the letters of naturalization would be granted. Source: National Archives of South Africa Depot KAB Source CO reference 4263:B64 1888. Memorial received from WB Brugge enclosing declarations of L Rapeport, A Rapeport & M Landau, Calitzdorp.

W. B. Brugge

Schamroth and Taub Families, "Birth certificate of the Schamroth twins"

Photograph of the birth certificate of the Schamroth twins, Elias and Erna ( Esther), children of Samuel and Sara Lea Schamroth (nee Leichtag). They were born on the 11th April 1889 at Piekarska Street, Cracow, Austria. During that period Kraków was under Austrian Rule and was known as the Grand Duchy of Cracow (1846 -1918). Source: Schamroth J. These are the Generations ...The Schamroths from Krakow. 2002.

Photographer unknown

Blieden Family, "Death notice of Benjamin Blieden"

Handwritten death notice of Benjamin Blieden (1835-1890), son of Zundel and Nese Blieden (nee Saganowsky) of Staro-Shagaren, Lithuania (Žagarė, Lithuania). It is written in Russian. His son Julius Blieden came to South Africa and married his first cousin Helena Freda Blieden.

Blieden Family, "Steamship Lismore Castle"

Photograph of the steamship, Lismore Castle in Cape Town. Julius (Yehuda) Blieden and his son Pesach Jacob travelled from Hamburg Germany to Cape Town aboard this ship in December 1891.

Photographer unknown

Rapeport Family, "Application for Naturalization 1"

The signed Certificate under Section 2 of Act No. 35 of 1889. This formed part of the application for naturalization for Lewis (Louis) Rapeport. It stated that the person was of good repute and had never been convicted of and sentenced for treason, murder, culpable homicide, rape, theft, fraud, perjury or forgery. Source: National Archives of South Africa Depot KAB Source CO reference 4276:I41 1891. Memorial received from Spencer J Rose Innes requesting letters of naturalization Mr Lewis Rapeport and Wulf Manaschewitz.

Blieden Family, "Passenger list of the Lismore "

A shipping document of the passenger list of the steamship, Lismore Castle documenting the passengers Blieden - Julius (Judel) and Pesach Jacob (Peisach) Blieden. The document is in German. The ship sailed from Hamburg Germany via Vlissingen, the Netherlands to South Africa on the 5th December 1891.

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